Sponsorship Opportunities Available

The athletes listed below have indicated they are seeking either individual or syndicate ownership. As a potential owner, there are many opportunities to support athletes in a variety of categories and levels of development. Whether you wish to support a horse and rider who has succeeded to the highest levels of the sport, or if you are interested in helping an up and coming pair and watching the thrill of the journey unfold, there is something for every interest level.

Elite Riders

Riders listed on the USEF Grand Prix A & B Long List and those who have ridden on US teams in the Pan American, World Equestrian, or Olympic Games during the past two Olympic quad cycles (eight years).

Emerging Riders

Riders who have finished in the top 10 in any of the last two USEF Grand Prix, Intermediaire I, Brentina Cup “Young Adult”, Developing Horse Prix St. Georges and/or Developing Horse Grand Prix National Championships. Riders who have won a USEF Intermediaire I, Brentina Cup “Young Adult”, Young Rider, Junior, Pony Rider, Developing Prix St. Georges, Developing Grand Prix and/or Young Horse National Championship during the past Olympic quad cycle (four years).

Potential Stars

Riders who want to move up the levels, and feel that the right horse and owner partnership will help them reach their goals.