Experience Ownership

Chances are you are a horse lover and a dressage fan. All of us talk about helping our top riders (and those who are nearly there), but mostly we have limited ourselves to making cash donations to the USET Foundation. Although this foundation remains important to the future of our sport, it does not bring with it the phenomenal excitement of being directly connected to the top levels of dressage through horse ownership. Past and current owners can relate once-in-a-lifetime thrills at national championships, international events, and world games. The satisfaction of being an integral part of a top rider’s success—one that helps the US Team win a medal—is almost indescribable. Horse ownership whether through syndication, individual ownership or sponsorship of a rider provides nearly all of us with this opportunity—the ability to help our US Dressage Team regain its past glory, while giving us in return all the privileges and benefits associated with horse ownership.


Horse Ownership Benefits

Owning a dressage horse is a thrilling journey. The ride up through the levels of dressage is just as exciting as reaching the destination. As an owner of a horse, you will be behind the scenes and an involved member of an unforgettable journey. You will be kept informed of all relevant news pertaining to your horse—training progress, show schedules, and official ranking list. You will be able to watch your horse compete at local shows, potentially train in US team training sessions, and compete in the international arena. Quite possibly, you can follow your horse all the way to the next Olympics or World Equestrian Games. The joy of watching your horse develop and rise to its full potential on the world stage is probably the most satisfying part of being an owner.

Being an owner also comes with its privileges. Besides specific social gatherings and outings, you will be joining a close-knit community of individuals dedicated to improving the quality of dressage in the US. In essence, you will become an integral member of your horse's team and Team USA.

The ABCs of Syndication

Horse ownership syndication is when a group of people purchase shares in a promising or proven horse for a professional dressage rider. These shares not only cover the actual cost of buying the horse, but also the annual costs needed to maintain the horse. For example, if you are joining a horse ownership syndication, which offers 10 shares, then you and 9 other people will own that dressage horse and help maintain the costs of your dressage horse on an annual basis. The good news is that these costs are shared and predetermined; syndications come in many affordable price ranges. The benefits of syndication beyond the financial advantage are many. Some of note: having many horse owners can actually make it less hectic for riders at shows as owners plan events for themselves leaving the rider free to plan training times and strategies. The owners often sit together and present a formidable cheering section providing much needed support in times of glory and defeat.

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A guide designed for athletes and owners looking to form a successful partnership. It provides the information and tools necessary to build a mutually agreed upon partnership in which everyone’s needs and goals are met.

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